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Altimate Care Staffing, LLC

Compassionate Home Care, Throughout Ohio

  • Higher Standards of Care
    Higher Standards of Care

    Altimate Care is Ohio’s leading skilled nursing & home health care providers for homebound individuals of all ages. With a commitment to higher standards of care and just-like-family assistance, our patients receive expert treatment and medical attention they need— in the comfort and security of home.

  • Relief, Right at Home
    Relief, Right at Home

    For many families, caring for an aging loved one or medically fragile child can be overwhelming. With our trusted at-home medical services and personal assistance, families can return to work, routine, and family life with total peace of mind—-and confidence in Altimate Care.

  • Flexibility for Your Household
    Flexibility for Your Household

    At Altimate Care, we’re committed to care that works best for the whole family. We are committed to offering flexible scheduling and dignified assistance from staff members that are sensitive to your cultural needs and background—-for care that’s truly comforting

  • Home Healthcare + Medical Assistance

    Altimate Care provides skilled nursing care, specialized therapy, and medical assistance to help medically fragile adults, children, and seniors live comfortably at home. With flexible scheduling, medically-specialized focus, and dedicated RN staff members, we enable at-home recovery and clinical care for long-term health.

  • Senior + Personal Care

    Altimate Care offers compassionate, trusted nursing care, home care and living assistance for seniors in the greater Ohio area. Our trained, licensed home health aides (HHAs) provide senior companionship, personal care, and household assistance—empowering our patients to do what they love, where they love, with dignity and independence.

Specializing in Pediatric Care Care with Heart for Children In Need

Specializing in Pediatric Care
Care with Heart for Children In Need

Altimate Care specializes in pediatric medical assistance, offering at-home treatments and full-time caregivers for young adults and children.

The Team That Goes Further At Altimate Care, we put you first by putting our staff first.

Our caregivers are trained, licensed, and screened to provide top-tier clinical care, personal assistance, and a range of specialized treatments.