Better Care, At Home Comfort
  • Are you struggling

    Are you struggling to find the right home assistance for an aging parent or loved one?

  • Are you trying to balance

    Are you worried about your child’s or parent's in-home medical care?

  • Are you worried

    Are you trying to balance caring for a homebound loved one with work and family demands?

You can give your loved ones a higher quality of health care, in the comfort of home.

Because with Altimate, there’s no place like home: for care, comfort, and recovery.

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Altimate Care provides live-in nursing care, specialized therapy, and living assistance for medically fragile children and seniors—in the safety and familiarity of home. Our broad range of home health care services and dedicated specialities provide a higher standard of care, while keeping your loved one surrounded by the people and places that matter most.

Services that keep your loved ones safe, at home.

At Altimate, we believe that being surrounded by the people and places you love is the best step towards recovery. Our HHAs and RNs work together to deliver exceptional at-home care, ensuring that we can:

  • Keep seniors safe and comfortable at home
  • Provide round-the-clock clinical care for medically fragile individuals
  • Enable families & guardians to return to work and routine

When you’re with Altimate, you’re with family.

At Altimate, we know that quality of care depends on the dedication of those who give it. Our caregivers are trained, licensed, and screened to provide expert medical attention, specialized treatments, and personal assistance. With a focus on sensitivity and respect, our staff provide care with the warmth, compassion, and dedication that only family can give.

Our Mission