Altimate Care Staffing, LLC

Care without Compromise Better care in better hands.

Altimate Care is committed to providing excellence in care and personal assistance, in the comfort of home.
You can give your loved ones a higher quality of health care, in the comfort of home.
A Transparent Approach to Care…

With Altimate Care, you’re never alone. Our staff keep you and your loved ones fully informed about your care needs, schedule, and eligibility. With open communication and a responsive team, Altimate Care is always at your side—answering questions, providing support, and helping you and your loved ones in every way possible.

A Transparent Approach to Care
  • With a Team that Makes a Difference...

    At Altimate, we know that investing in our staff means investing in your Altimate Care experience. That’s why we never stop working with our staff to improve with ongoing training, thorough background screening, and updated licensing at all times. Our caregivers are carefully chosen to provide capable, competent care with a focus on compassion, dignity, and respect for the entire household

  • And the Relationships that Matter.

    At Altimate, we consider every patient as part of our family. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with you to develop plans of care that suit your lifestyle and support your long-term goals. With our low staff turnover and patient-to-caregiver matching, Altimate patients know and trust their caregiver—allowing every household to receive assistance from caregivers they know and trust.